Intelligence is a critically important element in ensuring public safety, national security and, or business development and growth.

MIG relies on several elite experts with diverse backgrounds and a history of achievements in the areas of intelligence, national security, counterterrorism, cyber-security, and corporate & business intelligence.

Our experts in the fields of intelligence and national security affairs have proven track records of decades of intensive services, field operations, and emergency response missions dealing with sensitive political, security, diplomatic, and humanitarian issues in areas of conflicts and unstable environments. 

Our reliable and consistent strategic alliances and distinctive cooperation platforms have successfully positioned us to provide actionable information, activity-based intelligence, situational assessment, operations support, and adequate assistance to various clients in both the government and private sectors.

Our experts offer strategic solutions to ensure the efficient and effective utilization of information and data, enhance the evaluation & assessment process and build exceptional situational awareness in pursuing the client’s mission analytically and operationally.


TACTILLIGENCE is a term that refers to “Tactical Intelligence” a special mechanism developed and used by our experts in their mission to obtain the required information and provide actionable intelligence to the client with great accuracy and professionalism.

TACTILLIGENCE is an integrated strategic system that provides clear and comprehensive picture for the scene that decision-makers can rely upon in the development of general policies, preparedness or the planning process required to deal with particular events or certain challenges.

The process is based on a multi-level methodology of information collection, categorization, tactical contrasting & refinement, processing and systematic analysis that guarantees delivering greatly accurate information and outstanding results.