The defense industry, military institutions, security services, regional and national security organizations are facing enormous amount of challenges and difficulties in providing and maintaining high levels of security for their nations and national interests at both levels; domestically and abroad.

All these challenges coincided with the emergence of extremist movements, radical organizations and terrorist groups which appear in a wide geographical diversity, with multiple approaches and ideologies aimed at destabilizing global security, spreading terror and threatening social peace.
MIG counts on years of experience and operational background in combating insurgency, terrorism and organized crime groups in unstable environments and areas of conflicts. Our subject matter experts combine deep international experience in strategic defense, national security counterinsurgency and counterterrorism with global expertise that spans the public, private and social sectors.

Our experts provide exceptional solutions, actionable applications and unconventional methodologies to assist the defense and security institution in meeting these challenges and in accomplishing their mission adequately, efficiently and effectively.

“To win a chess game you have to defeat the ideology first, and then move on to the pawns”